Wings on Wednesday only creates monotony

I’m wondering who decreed that Wednesday is Wing Night in Elk County. This question occurred after my sisters and I took a quick trip to Pittsburgh to spend a lovely time with my niece, and on the return trip we stopped to eat. We were looking at the specials advertised for each night of the week and realized that once again, Wednesday was wing night at this establishment. We wondered if maybe someone would kick the curve and maybe have wing night on, say, Monday or Thursday. What if you really aren’t hungry for wings on Wednesday? We think it would be good marketing strategy if someone would establish a wing night special other than Wednesday - it would probably draw a decent crowd if the wings live up to the hype. Frankly, wings just aren’t good for you anyway – it’s not like they're on the top 10 healthy foods list. But people can’t resist their delicious sauciness – so let’s mix it up a bit and spread out the tasty goodness throughout the week and have wing specials on days besides Wednesday. I think it could work. - Victoria Stanish, Daily Press Editor