Wilcox man facing charges after passing out at Sheetz

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A Wilcox man is facing charges after being found passed out in his vehicle in the parking lot of Sheetz in late June.
According to an affidavit of probable cause filed at the office of Magisterial District Judge Mark S. Jacob on July 6, Jacob Michael Pearson, 33, of 423 Dahoga Rd., Wilcox, is facing charges following an incident that took place in the parking lot of the Sheetz store located at 117 S. Michael St., St. Marys on Friday, June 22.
At 8:34 p.m. that evening, Sgt. K. Michael Shaffer of the City of St. Marys Police Department received a call from an employee at Sheetz informing him that there was a vehicle parked in the parking lot with a male in the driver’s seat who was passed out. According to the Sheetz employee, several people had pounded on the door of the vehicle in an attempt to wake up the individual, but he would not respond.
When Shaffer arrived on scene, he viewed a silver Ford Taurus parked in the front with a male sitting in the driver’s seat that was slumped down. The windows of the vehicle were all reportedly foggy.
Shaffer reportedly knocked several times and got no answer. He asked the people standing around how long the man had been in the vehicle and was told that no one knew. He then asked the employee who had called how long the vehicle had been in the lot and was told 45 minutes.
The vehicle was reportedly running and Shaffer could hear the interior air fan blowing hard and loud music was playing.
Shaffer discovered that the door was unlocked, so he opened it and tried yelling and nudging the man and he began to wake up. As he was waking up, Shaffer reached in and turned the car off and removed the keys.
Shaffer also reportedly assisted the man in exiting the vehicle and noted that he was very unsteady on his feet. The man also allegedly had vomit on his shirt and had soiled his pants. Shaffer asked him for his ID and he retrieved his wallet and driver’s license, which identified him as being Pearson.
Shaffer then asked Pearson what he was taking and what he was on and he allegedly said “nothing.”
Shaffer noted that Pearson’s pupils were pinpoint and considerably more constricted than others’ in the area. He reportedly again asked Pearson what substance or medications he was on and was told suboxone.
Pearson reportedly “had very slurred speech, was unable to keep his balance and his eyes were droopy.”
Pearson failed a battery of field sobriety tests and showed signs of being under the influence of controlled substances. He was placed under arrest for being in physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of controlled substances.
Pearson was handcuffed and searched and a prescription bottle was located in his pocket for the suboxone. Shaffer also located a plastic bag that contained nine white pills. Pearson advised that it was Gabapentin and that he was prescribed it. Shaffer seized the pills since they were not in their proper container.
Pearson was then transported to Penn Highlands Elk. At 9:30 p.m. the lab tech used a provided NMS labs kit to draw two vials of blood.
Shaffer returned the pills to the station and found they were in fact Gabapentin, which is a noncontrolled substance. However, they were still not in their proper container or labeled as required for other drugs. The NMS kit was mailed to NMS labs. The results reportedly showed positive marks for containing Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Clonazepam, Buprenorphine-free and Delta-9 THC, which are all controlled substances. The results also allegedly showed positive parks for 7-amino Clonazepam, Delta-9 Carboxy THC, Nobuprenorphine-free., which are metabolites of the other controlled substances.
Pearson is facing misdemeanor charges of DUI: Controlled substance - impaired ability - 1st offense, DUI: Controlled substance - metabolite - 1st offense, and manufacture, etc. of controlled substances.
A preliminary hearing for Pearson is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 14 at Jacob’s office.


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