Varying views on recreational marijuana

Photo by Yelena Kisler – A group of approximately 50 residents voiced their opinions on the issue of recreational marijuana legalization Saturday at St. Marys High School to Lt. Governor John Fetterman as part of his listening tour across the state on the issue.
Yelena Kisler
Staff Writer

The St. Marys Area High School auditorium hosted a recreational marijuana legalization listening tour Saturday where the close to 50 residents in attendance had the opportunity to voice their opinions on the subject to Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.
He began the forum by reminding the audience that he was just there to listen to their perspectives on the issue, and not to judge or answer questions on the matter.
“This is an opportunity for you to weigh in and give us your thoughts and views are on recreational adult cannabis,” he said. “You can be a hardcore pro, hardcore con, undecided, it doesn’t matter. We’re here to hear those views.”
He also stressed the need for civility in this conversation despite opposing views. He asked attendees to refrain from “boos” or going after a speaker directly in an effort to foster a safe environment “where everybody feels free to share their views.” Several speakers later took this a step further, thanking those who had the courage to speak on both sides of the spectrum for their courage and honesty.
One notable speaker to voice his opinion, and the first to go to the microphone, was St. Marys Area Schools Superintendent Dr. Brian Toth. Toth expressed that his concern as an educator is similar to his concern about other substances; that is the strictness of regulations and the age determination for “adult”.
“Overall, we want to make sure that whatever happens, that we protect our students and provide them with the guidance as they mature and graduate as to what they might walk in to,” said Toth.

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