Udarbe Business Towers name change official

Photo by Angie Prencipe – The new sign on the eastern side of Udarbe Business Towers. The sign was added following the official name change of the South Mill Avenue building.Photo by Angie Prencipe – The ballroom on the fourth floor of Udarbe Business Towers is currently being renovated and will eventually be suitable for wedding receptions and other special events.
By Angie Prencipe
Special to The Daily Press 

Udarbe Business Towers has replaced Ridgway Masonic Temple as the official name for the 150-year old, four story building in downtown Ridgway.
Mayor Guillermo Udarbe legally changed the name of his South Mill Avenue building in June.
The name change follows a series of alterations made to the building throughout the past several years. Since acquiring the building in 2012, Udarbe has been in the process of renovating the structure from the inside out.
“The first thing I did after buying it was fix the leaking roof,” he said. “The whole building needed a lot of major changes. Right now, it is 95 percent done.”
In addition to fixing the ceilings and windows, Udarbe fixed the circa-1907 elevator so that it was safe to use, and renovated rooms throughout the building.
There are seven open spaces available for rent on the first floor. According to Udarbe, these spaces are ideal for offices and storefronts.
The second floor has 13 newly renovated apartments. Only one apartment is open for rent at this time. The third floor has six apartments, with two currently vacated.
The top level of the building houses a grand ballroom and theater. According to Udabre, the floor is currently being renovated as a reception space for weddings and other parties.
Udarbe said he has been interested in purchasing the building since he moved to Ridgway from Philadelphia in 1982.
“I saw the building and was in love,” he said. “I thought it was a perfect space to bring different people together.”


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