Supervisors voice support of ambulance service

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

KERSEY – In an effort to promote the upcoming Fox Township Ambulance Association membership drive, manager Jerry Zimmerman spoke at the recent Fox Township Board of Supervisors meeting.
On Wednesday evening, Zimmerman raised concern over the lack of support from Penn Highlands hospital facilities for local non-profit ambulance services.
According to Zimmerman, he and other members of the ambulance service met with Penn Highlands on several occasions during which time they were informed nothing would change in regard to their current relationship with the services.
Zimmerman said this has not been the case, specifically since a new for-profit ambulance service opened in St. Marys.
A specific area of concern is with transport calls.
Zimmerman reminded Fox Township residents that if they require a transport via ambulance to request the Fox Township service as its members will never receive a bill because the service covers the cost of what is not paid for by insurance.
He cited one former ambulance service member who recently received a $2,300 bill for a transport call after using a different ambulance service.
Zimmerman noted the Fox Township and St. Marys Area Ambulance Service, also a non-profit organization, frequently work together. This is because Fox ambulance only equipped to respond to basic life support calls whereas St. Marys ambulance is capable of responding to advance life support calls.
Between the two services they have eight ambulances available for area residents' medical transportation.