Supervisors discuss new business

The Fox Township Supervisors discussed numerous new business items during their regular monthly meeting held Wednesday evening at the municipal building.The board discussed the need to repair the municipal building's roof, as it is leaking in some areas. Public Works Director and Supervisor Randy Gradizzi said he has looked at the roof and there are several loose screws which will need to be removed and replaced. A new coat of sealer is also needed, as the current coating is beginning to break off. Supervisor Chairman Mike Keller noted that typically larger screws with bigger gaskets are used as replacements on this type of roof. This fix usually lasts between 2-3 years.Keller proposed that Gradizzi obtain estimates on how much it would cost to repair the roof. Gradizzi said the township is running out of records storage areas inside the building. "Our records are slowly deteriorating," Gradizzi said. He suggested constructing a high-pitched roof, similar to the type of roof on the township's ambulance building."A long room upstairs could be used to store records," Gradizzi added.Keller said they need to look at accessibility to the potential space, questioning if the space would need to be handicap-accessible. Gradizzi noted that currently a ladder is required to access the space where the records are being stored. He added that a staircase could be built into any new plans.As a member of the Elk County Solid Waste Authority (SWA), Keller noted the township does not recycle electronics. "There is a very successful program in St. Marys. It would be good if we could get our electronics to that site," Keller said.According to Keller, the landfills will be forbidden to accept electronic recyclables by the end of 2013. "If we're not doing something now, we will have to do it soon," he said.Gradizzi explained the problem with electronic recycling within the township is a place to store the items. He said at one time the township had a container for electronics and once it was filled, the SWA would retrieve it. "Rather than paying hauling fees, the SWA decided to have it brought to the center to manage there," Keller said. Keller suggested looking into having a small shed or closed-in trailer to store the items. Once the container was full, they would work with the SWA in getting it to the center. "A closed-in trailer is our best option; that way, we can hook it up easily and haul it, plus it keeps the items dry," Gradizzi said.He added that the size of the unit would take approximately one month to fill and would be locked each night. Keller requested that Gradizzi examine the most effective way to go about this project."To date, the SWA has recycled one million pounds of electronics," Keller said. Some residents have expressed concern about dropping off old computers which may be stolen or hacked into in order to obtain personal information. Keller explained the county sends electronic recycling items to a bonded company which certifies that computers are not tampered with. "They are doing a terrific job with a handful of staff and volunteers," Keller said of the SWA. Gradizzi mentioned the consistent work of Dick Swanson, whom Gradizzi said is doing a fabulous job with maintaining and monitoring the township's recycling bin(s). "We have not gotten a bill for any type of contamination. This has reduced the cost of the program quite a bit," he said.A proposal has been submitted by Open Flow Energy to become the supplier of natural gas for all township accounts. Fox Township Secretary Kathy Dowie said these types of companies base their rates on the market. Keller said the board will table the issue.

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