Stephanic in court on homicide charges

RIDGWAY – Elk County President Judge Richard Masson listened to several omnibus pretrial motions on Thursday during a hearing for Michael J. Stephanic Jr., 45, of St. Marys, who is currently incarcerated in the Elk County Prison on charges he allegedly shot and killed June Talmadge, 48, during a Sept. 3 incident in the parking lot of Eastern Sintered Metals.Among motions filed by Stephanic's attorney Thomas K. Hooper were requests for a private investigator; a psychiatric exam to prove Stephanic has no history of violence; and a neuropharmacologist, who studies the effects of drugs on the nervous system, to prove the couple had consumed copious amounts of alcohol prior to the crime. Elk County District Attorney Shawn McMahon said the state has heard no evidence regarding this request to which Hooper replied the information was stated in the preliminary hearing.