State AG looking to crack down on drug epidemic

Photo by Amy Cherry - Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro emphasized the state's continuing efforts in stopping illegal drug manufacturing and distribution.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

BROOKVILLE – Following the announcement of the breakup of a major drug trafficking operation in North Central Pennsylvania, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro emphasized the continuing efforts to purge the state of illegal drugs.
"I'm very aware of the plague that meth is in our communities, especially in rural counties here in Pennsylvania. I am keenly aware of what is happening here and we are working very hard to deal with it. We are focused like a laser beam on dealing with the crystal meth issue in rural Pennsylvania," Shapiro said.
Since taking office in January, Shapiro's office has:
•Arrested 844 drug dealers, averaging three per day.
•Doubled the number of medical diversion arrests (doctors and nurses) from 2016 for people missing or selling opioid painkillers.
•Partnered with law enforcement to destroy more than 29 tons of drugs.
•Distributed 300,000 drug disposal pouches in 17 counties.
•Worked with the insurance industry to expand access to drug treatment.
•Helped lead a national, bipartisan investigation into the marketing and sales of prescription pain-killer medications by pharmaceutical companies.