St. Marys transitions to LED streetlights

Photo by Amy Cherry - Travis Skrzypek, deputy director of public works, briefs council on the formal creation of a streetlight policy as well as an update to the LED conversion process.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

St. Marys is getting a little brighter as the city is transitioning to LED streetlights.
Travis Skrzypek, deputy director of public works, presented information about the city's streetlight policy and the conversion process from mercury vapor lights to LEDs.
"The streetlights have largely been unmanaged in the city," Skrzypek said citing the city's need for cost reduction and examination of the streetlight policy and programs. "An analysis of this program has shown numerous opportunities to save money, energy, make the distribution of streetlight services more equitable throughout the community."
The city is involved in a program with First Energy who is providing a free one by one conversion program. For every city-owned streetlight, First Energy is replacing it with an LED bulb at no cost to the city as long as there is no contract life on that light.