St. Marys farm finds success with organic beef

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Raising 100 percent grass-fed organic beef has proved to be a successful venture at Sugar Hill Farm in St. Marys.
Farm owner Cathy Pomanti and Manager Andy Sorg were recently on hand to explain the operation of the farm during the 2015 Annual Elk County Farm Bureau Legislative Farm Tour.
The 200-acre farm located along Muenster Road is currently home to a herd of 90 Scottish Highland Cattle.
Keeping up with customer demand is a continuous challenge for Pomanti, who resides in Hummelstown where she works full-time and where a majority of the beef is sold, although there are a few customers in the Elk County area.
Each year they butcher between 25-28 cows, with each cow producing an average of about 500 lbs. of sellable meat. This equates to about seven tons of meat each year.
Cows are sent to the butcher at 28-30 months of age when they typically weigh in at 1,000 lbs.
“I think it’s a very good product. People are really interested in knowing where their food comes from so they like to buy food that is raised closer to home," Pomanti said.