SMASD schools see decline in Pa. School Performance

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

The 2017 School Performance Profile (SPP) scores released last week by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for public schools across the state show St. Marys Area School District buildings with declining scores compared to last year.
St. Marys Area High School saw the largest decline in the district with a 20-point drop.
In 2015-16 the high school scored an 85.4 compared to their 2016-17 score of 64.4. When the SPP were first implemented in 2012-13, the high school scored a 68.2.
The School Performance Profile, released annually by the state Department of Education, acts as a report card providing school-level information related to student achievement and progress.
All SPP scores are based out of a potential 100 points. In past years, the state considered a score of 70 or above to be a passing grade, however no benchmark has been announced the past two years.
This year SMAHS showed a significant improvement in its SAT/ACT college and career readiness benchmark with a score of 88.82 compared to last year's 53.92. This performance measure represents the percent of seniors meeting both SAT college and career readiness benchmarks and/or scoring 22 or higher on the ACT taken any time over their educational experience.
SMAHS has a 90 percent graduation rate and 95 percent attendance rate. Their PSAT participation score of 86.64 percent was down from the previous score of 95.88 percent.
Last year SMAHS was the highest scoring high school among Johnsonburg, Ridgway, Kane, Brockway and Cameron County. This year they placed below those schools.
The following is a ranking of area high schools by building academic score as reported in the School Performance Profile:
1. DuBois Area High School: 83.1
2. Bradford Area High School: 80.2
3. Ridgway Area High School: 78.7
4. Kane Area High School: 70.3
5. Brockway Area High School: 69.6
6. Johnsonburg Area High School: 67.5
7. Cameron County Area High School: 67.2
8. Austin Area High School: 65.5
9. Curwensville Area High School: 64.6
10. St. Marys Area High School: 64.4