SMASD releases face covering waiver

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

The recently approved return to school plan by the St. Marys Area School District includes a mandate requiring face coverings for all students, staff, and visitors.
A waiver form for students not wishing to wear a face mask was recently published on the school district’s website,
The waiver provides three options to choose from for those wishing their student be exempt from wearing a face covering.
The options including a medical condition or disability in which a medical note must be submitted if a medical condition exists; the student cannot remove the face covering without help which must be addressed in the student’s 504 or IEP; and the face covering impeded communication or seeking to communication which also must be be addressed in the student’s 504 or IEP.
“Understandably, school districts, including the SMASD are facing a challenging situation. However, a decision must be made that will protect the safety and well-being of students and staff as best as possible. Although we are putting many preventative measures in place, there are no guarantees of complete prevention from COVID-19,” reads the waiver.