School district concerned with state budget impact

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

St. Marys Area School District Superintendent Brian Toth said he is unsure if Governor Tom Wolf's proposed slashing of $50 million from school transportation will impact the district.
SMASD currently spends $1.7 million in transportation costs with $1 million reimbursable from the state.
"If you look across the state, school districts have done what they have to do. In this region there's been furloughs, cuts and tax increases, but what do you see them doing in Harrisburg to generate revenue, trying to make more cuts and make it more inefficient, I don't see that as an avenue to go," Toth emphasized. "Every school district around has had to raise taxes to some extent, but that group in Harrisburg doesn't want to hear about that. Well, it's their turn. They need to pony up too."