School administrators address bullying policy

Staff Writer

While school has not been in session since March, the St. Marys Area School District’s bullying policy was discussed during a recent school board meeting.
Melissa Lundin, a recently elected school board member, posed a question regarding the school district’s no bullying policy citing parents at all grade levels have been inquiring about the topic to her. Lundin sought information from school administrators to take back to the parents.
“If a parent reports their child is being bullied what are the parent expectation on the procedures that are being followed?” Lundin asked.
St. Marys Area High School Principal Joe Schlimm replied, “every time in which any student has ever made any type of accusation or complaint, it is always followed up on every single time.”
From a standpoint of a principal Schlimm said the process entails investigating the claim to determine the credibility of it. Many times this involves Warren Beck, high school assistant principal, Officer Lovett, school resource officer, teachers, and some mental health personnel.
“There would be a period of time in which you were truly going through and trying to find out what exactly the problem is, where is the complainant coming from, what is the nature of the person’s situation,” Schlimm said.
He sated 99% of the cases are addressed on the same day.