Red Cross seeking volunteer to place signs

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

The American Red Cross is seeking a volunteer to assist in placing blood drive signs throughout St. Marys.
Recently, Shawn O’Hargan, American Red Cross donation center account manager, appeared before St. Marys City Council where the organization’s request was approved for free parking for those participating in blood drives at the St. Marys Moose Club.
According to O’Hargan, Steve Zimmet, a dedicated volunteer, had adopted the task of placing the signs around the city, however, he is unable to perform the task due to health issues.
As part of his duties, Zimmet placed seven signs promoting the blood drives in locations including by Lynch-Green Funeral Home, across the street from the Apollo Theater, near the entrance to City Hall, and four along the boulevard. Zimmet has provided a detailed map of the sign locations for the next volunteer to take over the task.
The placement of the signs takes about 30 minutes to complete.
The monthly blood drives in St. Marys have resulted in the collection of 9,000 units of blood in the past, helping a total of 27,000 hospital patients.
According to O’Hargan, since the signs have not been placed, blood donations in St. Marys have decreased by 20 percent.

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