Rain does not deter enjoyment of Activity Day

Photo by Becky Polaski – A youngster raises his hands to signify that he has finished his pie during the pie eating contest held during Wednesday’s Activity Day at Benzinger Park.Photo by Becky Polaski – A youngster is shown connecting with a ball during the home run derby event at Benzinger Park’s annual Activity Day on Wednesday.
Becky Polaski
Staff Writer

Rainy weather on Wednesday morning did little to dampen the spirits of the area youth who took part in Benzinger Park’s annual Activity Day, which got underway around 10 a.m.
According to Benzinger Park Director Melissa Nicklas, roughly 75 youngsters between the ages of four and 17 turned out to take part in a variety of fun activities.
“We’re happy with the turnout despite the weather,” Nicklas said.
While youngsters were able to take part in some of the event stations at the start of the day, a steady, heavy rain soon forced everyone indoors.
Groups then took turns participating in the pie eating contest, which featured small pie tins containing a graham cracker crust that was filled with either chocolate or vanilla pudding. Participants could also opt to have whipped cream added. Youngsters in each group had to eat their pie as quickly as they could without using their hands. As they finished, participants were ask to then put their hands in the air so Benzinger Park staff members could record the finishing orders.
Nicklas noted that the event was one of the most popular of the day.
Other events included a volleyball serve, tennis serve, soccer kick, home run derby, scavenger hunt, frisbee throw, football toss and basketball shoot.