Pool coverings discussed by Council

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

An in-depth conversation regarding pool safety, specifically coverings and fencing
currently required of in-ground pool owners, was among a topic of conversation with St. Marys City Council.
The conversation was initiated as a resident submitted a request to alter the city’s current zoning ordinance regulations to allow for the installation of an automatic safety pool cover in lieu of erecting a fence around the pool perimeter.
The Planning Commission inquired whether the cover was operable manually in case of a power failure. The resident responded that there is a manual option. After several discussions on the issue, the Planning Commission decided to recommend to Council that the zoning ordinance remain un-changed. The Commission believes that leaving the regulation as-written promotes the most safety to the general public.
Council voted 4-3 that the ordinance remain un-changed. Those voting to change the ordinance included Councilman Joe Fleming, Andrew Mohney and Mayor Lou Radkowski.