Peaceful racial equality event taking place Thursday evening

Staff Writer

“Come Together: Rural PA for Racial Equality event,” a peaceful, family-friendly gathering organized by three St. Marys Area High School teachers, is taking place tonight from 7-8 p.m. on the Diamond in downtown St. Marys.
Chris Taylor, event organizer, proposed the idea for the gathering to his fellow co-workers and Dani Catalano and Chris Woodford, who volunteered to assist with planning the event.
“This event focused on supporting our fellow Americans, uniting our country, and learning how we can play a part in healing the wounds of racism,” Taylor explained.
Taylor emphasized this is a community event and not a protest, geared toward learning and healing free from confrontation, destruction, or division.
The catalyst for the event was prompted after Taylor learned about the recent death of George Floyd in Minnesota along with seeing the many demonstrations, protests, and riots across the nation.
“To be honest, at first I thought this is St. Marys and its rural Pennsylvania and people don’t care, but after speaking with my wife we decided the event would have a positive impact,” Taylor said. “This issue may seem distant to us in rural Pennsylvania, but healing this country's wounds requires all of us to unite, educate ourselves, and work together.”
Taylor said he has been overwhelmed with the support they have received regarding the event, from the bipartisan support from local and state government leaders, people asking how they can help to simple messages of gratitude that someone decided to host such an event.