Official: Four Drag Races scheduled for 2019

Photos by Larry Simon – Upper left: The massive shelter provided courtesy of Jim Delullo and a glimpse of the buffet line provided by Just Ben Catering – Lower left: Signs of dedication and appreciation from the 2018 drag race season – Right: Tom Catalone showing some excitement and enthusiasm when he announced the 2019 drag race schedule.
Larry Simon
Special to The Daily Press 

In a large, comfortable, lakeside shelter provided by Jim Delullo with the food brought in by Just Ben Catering, and late music by Bill Thompson, the Drag Race Committee held a dinner for all those who worked to make last year’s races at the St. Marys Municipal Airport a success.
Some key people involved were Matt Box and Amy Anderson, who found and went through the proper hoops, and obtained powerful letters of support from Tim Pearson, St. Marys city manager, and Michael Marcase of Advanced Auto to get permission to use the airport runway. Tom and J.J. Catalone provided the legal hardware and an understanding of the rules and regulations to meet National Hot Rod Association’s requirements.
They acknowledged it took a lot of people working well together to make the event a success.
Other team members, in no particular order, were Howie Uber, Scott Gore (who also set up the drag race’s Facebook page), Toby Saline, Mason Catalone, Tim Andres, Jared Schaffer, Jake Shannen, Brian Bobenrieth, Eric Groll, Josh Young, Jared Young, Brian Kraus, Cathy Lence, Elijah Bobenrieth and Jessie Saline.
This list still falls short as there were the vendors and nineteen sponsors. Noised last year and published in videos all over the internet, an estimated 150 cars were brought out to compete in just one of the three races held last year.
Tom Catalone announced a surprising schedule for 2019. Four drag races, all with a two-hour extension running time. The dates are June 16, July 28, Aug. 18 and Sept. 22, with rain dates scheduled for each on the following Sundays. Times will be from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. The runway will be closed from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. to air traffic short of an emergency.


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