Number of vehicle crashes decline in Fox Twp.

Photo by Amy Cherry - Scott Surra, chief of the Fox Township Volunteer Fire Department, presents the department's annual report Wednesday evening to the Fox Township Board of Supervisors.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

KERSEY – Fox Township Volunteer Fire Department Chief Scott Surra noted the department's appreciation of nearby mutual aid departments during emergency responses while presenting the fire department's annual report.
Surra provided specific details and breakdowns of calls for the fire department Wednesday evening during a regular meeting of the Fox Township Board of Supervisors.
"We are down a few calls from last year. The crashes were down this year," Surra noted. "Mutual aid was about the same."
In 2017, there were 13 vehicle accidents with injuries and 10 with no injuries, compared to the 50 crashes one year earlier.
The difference in activity for the fire department between 2016 and 2017 was six calls. Over the past 10 years the department has averaged about 110 calls each year.
In total, the department responded to 114 alarms in 2017.
Of those, 93 were in Fox Township, 21 were mutual aid with neighboring departments including seven with Crystal Fire Department in St. Marys, seven with Jay Township Fire Department, two with Ridgway Fire Department, two with Horton Township Fire Department, one with Highland Township Fire Department, one with Brockway Volunteer Hose Company in Jefferson County and one with Emporium Fire Department in Cameron County.
A majority of mutual aid calls were in response to building fires.
An average of just over 15 firefighters responded to each alarm.
Months with the highest call volume in 2017 were February and March with 14 calls in each month. The lowest month was September with just five calls.