Nerf Gun War taking place at library on Friday

Photo courtesy of the St. Marys Public Library –– Pictured are participants from the library’s previous Nerf Gun War. The library will be holding another on Friday at 5 p.m. and up to 50 individuals age 18 and under will be able to participate. Those who wish to participate must preregister by contacting the library.
Becky Polaski
Staff Writer

The St. Marys Public Library is once again encouraging young Nerf gun enthusiasts to prepare for battle.
The library’s second Nerf Gun War will be held after hours on Friday afternoon. Open to those age 18 and under, anyone interested in participating must register in advance and the event will be capped at 50 participants.
St. Marys Public Library Director Leslie Swope explained that she got the idea for the event after seeing the DuBois library doing something similar last year.
“It sounded like a great way to bring in kids who might not normally use the library, especially young boys who might not have a venue to let off some of their energy this time of year,” Swope said.
To test out the idea, the library previously held an event that was limited to 30 youngsters in pre-K through fifth grade.
“I was nervous about the older kids with the little kids, but actually they did really well,” Swope said. “The older kids kind of took some of the younger ones under their wing and made sure that they were okay.”
After that event proved to be a success and there was interest in another event, Swope decided to open this Nerf Gun War up to more participants and allow anyone age 18 and under to participate. She noted that anyone who plans to attend must bring their own Nerf gun, and it should be something they are familiar with and are comfortable using themselves.

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