Narrow vote grants golf authority audit request

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

In a 3-2 vote St. Marys City Council narrowly voted to approve a request from the Benzinger Township Golf Authority and association to conduct an audit and review.
As part of the request, a full audit will be completed on the Authority while the association will have an audit review completed.
City Manager Tim Pearson said the groups are looking to catch up on their audits. Currently the city and Northwest Bank are guarantors on the loans supporting the Authority.
Pearson added it is the group’s attempt to continue to have the audit and review conducted on an annual basis in order to stay up to date on them.
Tom Wagner, city solicitor, noted that since the city and Northwest are the loan guarantors they have open-ended authorization over the groups.
In the past, full audits were conducted on both entities.
Councilmen Andrew Mohney, Bob Mohr and Ned Jacob voted in favor of the motion while Deputy Mayor Greg Gebauer and Councilwoman Margie Brown opposed it. Mayor Lou Radkowski and Councilman Chris Pletcher were excused from the meeting.
The golf authority’s purpose is to acquire land and easements and obtain public and private financing to construct, own, and operate a public golf course.


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