Mission of Hope Haiti

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Staff Writer

St. Marys Catholic Elementary School fourth graders demonstrate service to others.
The Mission of Hope Haiti is a team of biomedical engineers and assistants that will provide prosthetic limbs to the Haitian people in mid-October.
Fourth grade teachers, Mrs. Smith and her counterpart, Mrs. Cahilly, teamed up to present this service project to their students. Mrs. Smith’s cousin, Mark Ehrensberger, a native of St. Marys, is a biomedical engineer on this team.
The students were first given background on the country of Haiti. They gained understanding of how poor the country is and where it is located. Next, the students worked at home doing chores to donate to this project. The students earned $249.08 for a great cause. In addition to donations, the students made prayer cards, crosses, and a video to show support of this mission.
The St. Marys Catholic Elementary School is very proud of their service to others and their selflessness. Congratulations on a job well done.