Friedl calls for more signage along Bavarian Hills Road

St. Marys resident Elizabeth Friedl recently called city council's attention to the need for better signage on Bavarian Hills Road in St. Marys, particularly in the area of what Friedl described as a "blind turn" at the top of a hill. Friedl noted that she had spoken to city manager Dave Greene about the issue several years ago, but the problem has never been corrected. "You have no warning at all that it is a blind spot," Friedl said.She added that she was particularly concerned about individuals not familiar with the area having problems navigating the roadway. "We know where it is," Friedl said of area residents, "but I've been out there with individuals that have been from out of town [and their reactions have been] 'What's happening? What's going on?'"Members of city council agreed that the roadway could be confusing for those not used to driving it.For more on this story, see the Dec. 29 edition of The Daily Press.