Fox Twp.’s position on sewer line expansion

Becky Polaski
Staff Writer

KERSEY – When it comes to spending the township’s money, the Fox Township supervisors would prefer to do so on projects that benefit a majority of residents instead of only a few.
This was the view expressed by Supervisor Michael Keller during Wednesday evening’s meeting in response to a question from a citizen regarding why the township will not foot the bill to extend sewer lines.
Keller began his response by explaining that the township and sewer authority are two different entities. According to Keller, while the township has money, the sewer authority is actually in debt.
“They’re millions of dollars in debt,” Keller said of the sewer authority. “We supplemented them for the last extension like a million dollars, and then we currently are giving them $75,000 a year, no interest, and there’s a good chance the township won’t get repaid for 30 years.”
That money, Keller indicated, was to supplement the sewer authority’s budget.
As for why the sewer authority cannot obtain grants, Keller suggested that one problem is that the organization does not charge its customers as much as it should.
“They weigh what you charge,” Keller said.
Keller remarked that he has read repeated studies that have indicated that it should not be the responsibility of a township to fund projects such as the extension of sewer lines.


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