Fox supervisors OK phone deal, projects

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

KERSEY – The Fox Township officials discussed a wide range of business last week including project bids and requests from residents during a Board of Supervisors meeting.
As part of a franchise agreement with Fox Township, Zito Media has offered pricing for phone service at the municipal building, senior center, fire department, and ambulance garage with free internet and cable.
The company will also provide a new phone system to the township as part of the agreement. Phone numbers will not change for township facilities.
The supervisors approved the agreement with the stipulation it does not have an effect on residential user rates.
"We wanted to make sure the residents were not effected by this," said Supervisor Randy Gradizzi.
Supervisor Mike Keller noted over the past eight years the township has reduced their budget every year on this expense.
Keller added this is not an exclusive agreement meaning other companies are permitted to provide similar services in the township.
The Fox Township Recreation Board recently obtained price quotes for two projects which were awarded to Dinsmore Welding for refinishing of the skatepark at a cost of $10,900 and to Homecourt Sports, owned by Denny Posteraro of St. Marys, for resurfacing of the tennis courts at a cost of $13,875. A second, higher bid was received for the tennis court project.