Final CDBG public hearing held

The second and final public hearing for the solicitation of public comments concerning projects funded through the money the city receives from its 2011 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application was held earlier this week, though no one other than mayor Sally Geyer posed any questions to Tina Gradizzi, Community and Economic Development Coordinator. Gradizzi explained to council members that the city's application for the 2011 CDBG funds will be on display at Gradizzi's office at city hall from Jan. 10 through Feb. 16 and a resolution concerning the application will be presented to council members at their Feb. 21 meeting for their approval. "As the grant administrator for the City of St. Marys, it is my responsibility to present to council all the facts concerning projects that have been submitted and to alert them of any discrepancies before approving a project," Gradizzi said. "By no means am I trying to discourage any project from being funded, nor am I here to argue any project that has been submitted. I merely present the facts to council in order for them to make the decisions."Gradizzi also indicated that the city has not yet received any notice of what amount of funding it will be granted for 2011, so she based the application on $350,000, which was the amount received in 2010. Currently there are two projects proposed for the funding."The proposed projects were, of course, our 18 percent admin [costs] at $63,000 and then street reconstruction and road improvements, which will come to about $287,000. We're going to make that a multi-year project," Gradizzi said.The streets currently being considered for the project are Mertz, Charles or George. For more information on this story, see the Jan. 6th edition of The Daily Press.