Every veteran in St. Mary's Cemetery to be honored this year

Photo by Yelena Kisler – Shown are the special wreaths representing each branch of the military laid out in front of the veterans memorial in St. Mary’s Cemetery at the Wreaths Across America ceremony last year. This year, local efforts have raised enough to adorn every veteran’s headstone in the cemetery.
Staff Writer

Wreaths Across America local organizer Dolly Wehler has informed The Daily Press that this year, thanks to the efforts of residents, every veteran's headstone in St. Mary's Cemetery will be adorned a wreath. The ceremony will be held at noon on Dec. 15 this year and anyone who would like to participate is encouraged to attend.
Wehler released the following statement regarding the achievement:
"Christmas is a time of giving and magic and that is quite evident in St. Marys this year. We have been doing Wreaths Across America for the past 10 years, with about one half of the veterans being honored with wreaths purchased by families and friends of veterans to say 'Merry Christmas and Thank You' for all you have done for our country and our community...
"This year we had a raffle for a metal American flag [sculpture] which also helped to make us more money. Then a few friends stepped in and went to local businesses, clubs and also asking individuals for personal donations, and with this, we are able for the first time to honor all the veterans in the St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery.
"Anyone who can should try and be at the cemetery on Dec. 15 for this very special occasion and If you are unable to attend please stop in over the holidays and see what a spectacular sight this will be.
"Thank you for all you are doing to help with this project."