Elk harvest total now at 82 with two days remaining

Becky Polaski
Staff Writer

With two days remaining in this year’s weeklong regular elk hunting season, the total number of elk harvested sits at 82.
A total of 125 tags were allocated for this year’s hunt. Twenty-two of the 26 antlered elk tags have been filled, as have 60 of the 99 antlerless elk tags.
A total of 17 elk were processed at the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s mandatory elk check station in Benezette on Thursday. This year, the check station is located at the Elk Country Visitor Center. Every hunter who successfully harvests an elk must bring the animal to the check station within 24 hours.
All of the licenses allocated for Zones 6 and 14 have been filled, and at least one elk has been harvested in each of the other zones which had a license allocation this year.
Of the four remaining unfilled antlered elk licenses, one is for Zone 3, one for Zone 4, one for Zone 5 and one for Zone 9.
Of the remaining antlerless elk licenses, three are for Zone 2, four for Zone 3, two for Zone 4, three for Zone 5, five for Zone 8, seven for Zone 9, nine for Zone 10, one for Zone 11, four for Zone 12 and one for Zone 13.
So far, no antlerless elk have been harvested in Zones 5 or 9.
The heaviest antlered elk remains a 10x7 harvested in Zone 11 with an estimated live weight of 806 pounds. The heaviest antlerless elk had an estimated live weight of 551 pounds and was harvested in Zone 12.
Updates and additional information can be found on the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s website, http://www.pgcapps.pa.gov/Harvest/Elk.


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