Elk County Toastmasters – New Members and New Time

Photo submitted – Dale Fox is pictured presenting a speech to the Toastmasters at their last meeting.
Staff Writer

Toastmasters members come and go. Some are lifers, some reach their desired speaking goals and move on. The Elk County club, with an optimal membership of 15 to 20 individuals at any given time, currently has a few slots available for new members.
Toastmasters are an elite group that work hard on reaching their goals to improve their communication skills. Hundreds of Elk County residents have celebrated various levels of achievement, and positively impact the communities in which they reside and work.
Dale Fox and Jeff Buchheit were featured speakers at the group’s most recent meeting. Being two of the club’s most experienced members, it was truly a “Battle of the Titans” and a close contest for the “Best Speaker” award. Buchheit edged out Fox with a touching speech about his late father Earl, the founder of Elk County Toastmasters.
On the opposite end of the speaking spectrum, Fox delivered a humorous and educational presentation titled “Speaking of Speech,” focused upon the miraculous nature of what it takes for human beings to physically speak.
“I have taught public speaking for many years, at the university level and with Toastmasters. While working for the Ridgway Area School District, I have taken notice of children who have difficulties with speech. This led me to research the physical evolution of the human ability to speak and was astonished at the complexity of something we take so for granted,” Fox explained. “After a hard day at work it’s hard to drag yourself out to a meeting, but our speakers are so interesting and inspiring, I am always glad I went.”
Visitors are always welcome at club meetings which are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month at the Shiloh Presbyterian Church in St. Marys. The group recently changed their start time to 6:30 p.m. to meet their members’ preferences. For more information, visit the Elk County Toastmasters website or on Facebook.


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