Elk County Prison Board holds quarterly meeting

Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

Beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, the Elk County Prison Board met in session for the December quarterly meeting. The agenda was quickly approved for the meeting, no correspondence was received and no visitors offered comment on agenda items. The approval of bills was next on the agenda, and as all was in line with the budget, they were signed off on with no discussion.
Warden Greg Gebauer presented his report next. Throughout the fall from August until December, the Elk County Prison has been operating at capacity, with 10 prisoners being held at other facilities due to disciplinary, medical or legal reasons. Upon questioning from the Ridgway Record, the Warden stated that the absolute maximum the prison could hold securely would be 75 inmates, with 15 being females. That would be using dormitory-style bedding options, which would not be as secure as in the traditional cells. Forty two male and 12 female cells are available with full bunks. Utilizing costs and some communal-style housing, that can be stretched to the full 75. Currently, inmate population has numbered in the low 60s.

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