Elk County Fair in full swing

Photo by Amy Cherry - Ashlyn Beimel, 6, of Kersey, feeds carrots to Roofus, a two-year-old red kangaroo, inside the Bar C Ranch petting zoo.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

The Elk County Fair is in full swing as Wednesday celebrated Family Fun Night.
The fair’s Bar C Ranch petting zoo proved to be a big hit with youngsters and their families. Visitors could get an up close look petting and feeding both exotic and domestic species.
Among the animals featured in the petting zoo is Roofus, a two-year-old red kangaroo, and Moses, a two-year-old dromedary camel, both of whom were bottled raised by Bar C Ranch staff.
The zoo also includes a donkey, llama, porcupine, miniature water buffalo, sheep, goats, rabbit, tortoises, spiders and reptiles.
The Parakeet Encounter, a large walk-in free flight aviary with over 100 Australian budgerigar parakeets, is another popular attraction at the petting zoo.
The friendly birds interact with visitors as they often perch on their hands, shoulders and heads. The birds are especially attracted to those offering sticks of seed to them, which are available for purchase at the entrance to the petting zoo.