ECCHS graduation ceremony slated for July 26

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Elk County Catholic High School will celebrate their graduating Class of 2020 on Sunday, July 26, at Queen of the World Church in St. Marys.
On Wednesday afternoon, the Elk County Catholic School System announced this year’s graduation plans, which have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Baccalaureate Mass is scheduled to take place beginning at 12:30 p.m. in the church, with the graduation ceremony to follow.
“Under the green phase of reopening and under the current guidelines for public worship from the Diocese of Erie, the size of public celebrations are limited,” according to their Facebook post.
Each graduate is limited to inviting three guests under the current guidelines in place.
In the post, the school system is hoping that by late July there will be further reduction of COVID-19 restrictions, thus allowing for more family members to attend the celebration and to conduct a graduation which more closely resembles the school’s traditional ceremony.
The high school hosted a virtual graduation ceremony on Sunday, May 24.
Despite any restrictions that may be in place, the entire event will be streamed online to allow family members and friends unable to attend to view the events.
As the date of the event approaches, ECC will continue to communicate updates for parents and for graduates.
ECC appreciates the assistance of Fr. Jeff Noble from Queen of the World Parish in making the church available for the celebration.