Daghir brings wealth of experience to Memorial Park staff

Photo by Becky Polaski – Luke Daghir is the new assistant director at Memorial Park.
Becky Polaski
Staff Writer

Throughout the summer a variety of activities for individuals of all ages take place at the parks in St. Marys. During his tenure as a summer staff member at Memorial Park while he was in college, Luke Daghir played a big role in many of them along with his twin brother Ben. This summer Luke returned to the staff at Memorial Park not as a summer worker, but as the new assistant park director.
“I always enjoyed the parks as a kid growing up in St. Marys, and then I was fortunate enough to become a park worker in my college years and really opened up the career of teaching for me,” Daghir said. “When I heard the (assistant director) position was open, I took some time, I thought about it, and I knew that it was a place that’s supported the community, and I wanted to be able to give my talents and my service back to the community through working at the park.”
Even before he was a summer worker in college, Daghir was well aware of the variety of events held at not only Memorial Park, but Benzinger, Luhr and Kaulmont as well. He spent the summers of his youth frequenting all of the parks, playing in basketball tournaments, participating in Inner Park Day at Memorial and attending many pool events.
When it came time for him to find a summer job after graduating from Elk County Catholic High School in 2011, he knew working at one of the area parks was what he wanted to do.
“I knew what the job was, and the thought of being able to be a park worker and to give back what had been given to me was something I was very looking forward to being able to do,” Daghir said.
During his first summer on staff as a summer worker at Memorial Park, Denny Posteraro was the park director and Daghir noted that he greatly appreciated having the opportunity to both work with and learn from him.
“That was a gift because Denny had an array of knowledge that is just superior to anyone I’ve ever met with recreation,” Daghir said.
Following that summer, Jason Schreiber took over as the park director and continues to hold that role today. Having the opportunity to work with Schreiber again, this time in the capacity of assistant director, is one of the incentives that led to Daghir pursuing the position.
“Jason is an incredible person who gives of his time and talents more than anyone that I know,” Daghir said. “When I worked under him as a park worker, I grew a lot of respect for him because he was always there. He was always willing to serve. He gave park workers an opportunity to plan events. We have so many events this year that are new, and that’s because he is open to newness. But working with Jason, I’ve realized that he is always willing to take a backseat and to humble himself time and time again, and that is what I enjoy most about working with Jason.”


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