County leaders pen letter to governor seeking further re-opening guidance

Staff Writer

Various county government leaders have banned together to seek guidance and information from Governor Tom Wolf on how to move the county forward to further re-open.
City of St. Marys Lou Radkowski was instrumental in creating the letter which was signed and submitted on behalf of Ridgway Borough Council President Sam MacDonald, Johnsonburg Borough Council President Alfred J. Malleto, III and Elk County Commissioners Matthew Quesenberry, Fritz Lecker, and Joseph Daghir.
Radkowski has hosting twice-weekly phone calls among local and county officials, state representatives, emergency management director(s), police/fire personnel, healthcare leaders, and more, in order to organize an emergency response if needed to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.
“During the past six weeks of these meetings, the conversation went from a focus on health issues to one of economic concerns,” Radkowski said.
He explained in an effort to help Elk County, Radkowski and Ridgway Borough Council President Sam MacDonald discussed working together to organize and ask Governor Wolf for more guidance.
“We would like him to see how great our citizens are and how wonderful our community response has been,” Radkowski said. “Leaders from Jefferson County, Clearfield County, and McKean County have all voiced their support over this time.”