Council, RDA discuss downtown park project

Staff Writer

Tensions ran high with a heated discussion during the St. Marys City Council meeting on Monday evening as the Redevelopment Authority presented an update on the status of the stage project at the new Depot Street Park.
Warren Stewart, RDA secretary, reported the group is waiting on the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to provide information regarding how to proceed with bank stabilization along the Elk Creek. This is part of the remediation efforts involving demolition of several Depot Street properties.
Until this meeting takes place and the RDA is provided with more specific information on the extent of the project and costs, Stewart said the RDA is unable to provide the city with the financial information they requested on the project.
City Manager Tim Pearson said he was confused by Stewart’s response explaining the DEP provides a list of certified contractors to choose from as part of the project.
“This all happens as part of the (DEP) permit process. Consultants works with the DEP as to what needs to be done,” Pearson said.