Council approves liquid fuel request, hazard mitigation plan

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

The City of St. Marys plans to once again apply for liquid fuel reimbursement as part of their annual request.
A motion was recently unanimously approved by St. Marys City Council to submit their application to PennDOT, which oversees the program. This is a standard application the city submits on a yearly basis.
This year the city is requesting $8,000 to be used to purchase 334 tons of 1B limestone at a cost of $23.92/ton.
The Municipal Liquid Fuels Program funds a range of projects to support construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and repair of public roads or streets.
The funding is obtained through the state’s oil franchise tax.
The amount a municipality receives is based on its population, and miles of road on their approved liquor fuels inventory. The funding may only be used for certain expenses and municipalities are required to follow strict reporting requirements.
Every year municipalities depend on this state funding to improve local roads.
Council also approved the Elk County 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan update as the official hazard mitigation plan for the city.
The resolution states the city is most vulnerable to natural and human-made hazards which may result in loss of life and property, economic hardship, and threats to public health and safety.
One section of the plan required state and local governments to develop and submit a mitigation plan to the president which outlines processes for identifying their respective natural hazards, risks and vulnerabilities.
City Manager Tim Pearson stated the only weather-related topic mentioned affecting the city was periodic flooding.
He said the city needs the plan in place to help compete for funding from Federal Emergency Management Agency.
The city originally approved the plan in 2011 when it was first created by the Elk County Planning Department and the Elk County Office of Emergency Management in cooperation with county departments, officials, citizens and the City of St. Marys.


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