Commisioners hold brief meeting ahead of Thanksgiving

Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

The Elk County Commissioners met on Nov. 20 at 10 a.m. for their bi-weekly meeting. In a quick session, eight items were approved for 2019.
The contract between the County of Elk, the Court of Common Pleas of the 59th Judaical District and Rebekka Dean who serves as hearing officer was approved.
Three Children and Youth Services contracts were approved for 2019 between Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Pathways Adolescent Center and George Dahir Elk County Child and Youth Services Agency Solicitor.
The 2019 Holiday/Meeting Calendar was approved along with the Community Development Block Grant contract for 2019.
The Commissioners allotted two headstone allowances for the Veteran's Affair Office.
Finally, a grant agreement between the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and Elk County was approved in the amount of $2,061,593.39.
Geotech Engineering Inc. notified the County that the final Stage 3 Bond Release is being requested for 25.5 acres of their holdings.
The Commissioners wished all residents a Happy Thanksgiving and said “good luck” to all the hunters heading into the woods on Monday morning.


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