City to embark on sewer replacement project

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

The city is pursuing its largest inflow and infiltration project this year with partial sanitary sewer replacements on Malibu and Catalina roads.
St. Marys City Council approved funding for the project during their recent work session. City Manager Tim Pearson said it will be the city's largest I&I project this year.
While estimates for construction costs was $230,000, the winning bid came in at $211,345.
The project is being funded through the city's inflow and infiltration (I&I) capital fund which includes $250,000 available for 2017.
"This has created a big I&I issue. We will have significant return on this investment," Pearson said.
The project entails replacing three deformed and crushed sewer mains. The existing manholes are to remain and the replacement sewers will be reconnected. Homeowner lateral contacts to the three mains will also be replaced with inspection ports. The asphalt roadway trench will be repaired under the project.