City Council announces board vacancies

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

St. Marys City Council discussed several topics ranging from COVID-19 updates to the mayor’s and manager’s report during the recent council meeting earlier this week.
Council unanimously approved a resolution regarding the disposal of city records, specifically old VHS tapes, audio cassettes and other paper records. City staff conducted a cleanup of City Hall during the pandemic shutdown when the material was found. Pearson noted some of the records must be disposed of in a specific manner.
City Hall officially re-opened to the public on Monday, June 8. Pearson reported the city is also working on updating its website and making more resources available online. They are hoping to launch the new website by the end of the year.
Seth Higgins was appointed to the city’s planning commission for a four-year term. There are currently vacancies on the planning commission for a four-year term; two on the zoning hearing board for a full member for a five-year term and an alternate member expiring on January 1, 2022; municipal authority for a five-year term; youth activities commission for three youth members for two-year terms; one vacancy on the St. Marys Municipal Airport authority expiring January 1, 2024; one vacancy on the police civil service commission; and one vacancy on the recreation board expiring January 1, 2022.