Chief touts low fire loss figures in 2017

Photo by Amy Cherry - Bill Kraus, Crystal Fire Department fire chief, discussed details of the department's annual report with members of St. Marys City Council on Monday evening.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Crystal Fire Department Chief Bill Kraus on Monday night described 2017 as a banner year for St. Marys with regard to fire activity.
"We had no major fires in the City of St. Marys for 2017," Kraus said during his annual report to St. Marys City Council.
He cited the department's fire prevention programs, education and people being cautious.
"As long as I've been in the chief position, 2017 was a banner year for St. Marys. It is absolutely unbelievable," Kraus said.
Total fire loss last year was $124,700, a decrease of $1,101,789 from the previous year. Total building and content savings was $32,726,800.
Building and content loss totaled $43,200 while motor vehicle loss was $46,500.
Fire loss for 2017 included four passenger cars, one commercial truck, all totaling $46,500; one piece of farm equipment at $15,000; and one piece of industrial equipment at $20,000.
"That is absolutely astounding that that is all the more fire loss that we had. That's a great job. People in this community ought to be real proud of that," Kraus said.
He explained people are being more cautious, specifically citing brush fires in that the city does not have the amount of brush fires they once did.
"People are being real cautious and watching to make sure if they have an issue they are calling right away to make sure we are mitigating it before we have any serious problems," Kraus said.
The only fire in the city last year was an industrial fire when a roof burned at the facility, according to Kraus.