CAPSEA ‘Healthy Relationships’ program

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The “Healthy Relationships” program is presented by CAPSEA, in Elk County for Pre-K through 12th grade. The students learn tools to deal with all of the emotions they will experience as they group up, non-violent ways to express anger and conflict resolution. They learn what self- esteem is and how they can improve it, how to handle situations if they are being bullied or see another student being bullied.
Other subjects that are taught are the importance of having good values, internet safety, how to work as a team and personal body safety. They learn through discussion, games and art activities.
CAPSEA believes with the proper education the cycle of violence can be broken. The program can be adapted to meet any classroom need.
If interested in any prevention programs at CAPSEA, contact Tracy Ross at 772-0115 or email or
Shown is Tracy Ross teaching sixth graders internet safety.