Blighted properties issue discussed with DCED reps

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Blighted properties were on the agenda during a meeting between local officials and Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Deputy Secretary for Community Affairs and Development Rick Vilello.
On Thursday, local officials provided a tour of blighted properties in St. Marys, specifically throughout the downtown area.
The tour included a discussion about the region’s challenges in its fight against blight and how the Restore Pennsylvania proposal could help municipalities eliminate blight.
“Too many communities in Pennsylvania are dealing with blight issues. We need to act now to create healthy and vibrant neighborhoods for our residents,” Vilello said. “Restore Pennsylvania takes a unique approach to tackle blight across the Commonwealth. It is an investment to protect our communities from threats to their health and safety, and an invaluable tool for economic development in the region.”
The Restore Pennsylvania initiative involves implementing a common sense severance tax resulting in the state investing $4.5 billion over the next four years in significant, high-impact projects.
These projects would be driven by local input and local needs, and evaluated though a competitive process to ensure high priority projects are funded.

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