Authority plans for upcoming events

Yelena Kisler
Staff Writer

The Elk County Solid Waste Authority held their monthly meeting Tuesday where they planned for upcoming events and projects and discussed a number of other topics.
The annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection will be happening Saturday, May 12 at the Recycling Center along Washington Street.
“The only thing that’s different this year is that the contractor that is working with us is willing to take the propane canisters,” said Recycling/Solid Waste Coordinator Bekki Titchner. This is one of the few items the center has to charge for taking. One-pound canisters will be $3, 20-pound barbecue style canisters will be $10 and anything larger will be charged on a case-by-case basis.
The reason it costs money to recycle these items is that scrap dealers don’t take the canisters because they are under pressure, explained Titchner. “So there’s really no recycling option,” she said. “We’ve had so many people ask about that, so we felt that we could make it available to them but they will have to pick up the cost. It’s a departure because we typically don’t charge people for recycling anything.”

Another upcoming event will the Waste and Recycling Forum on Thursday, May 31 at the new Fox Township Fire Hall. The event is geared towards educating municipalities on solutions for reducing waste and dealing with dumping. Advanced Disposal is funding the lunch.
“We’re going to do a whole lot of followup,” said Titchner. “We want to get as many municipalities to attend this as possible.”
The Authority has retained speakers from a number of organizations. While some are not fully confirmed they plan to have representatives from the Allegheny National Forest, Pa. Game Commission, Fish and Boat Commission, State Forest, National Forest, DEP and Keep Pa. Beautiful.
“It should be a good forum,” said Titchner. “Everybody can learn about what people are responsible for in terms of law enforcement, in terms of illegal dumping and things like that.”
“We’re really excited to get the dialogue going with people,” said Solid Waste Enforcement Officer Dave Stubber.

Chairman Tom Buck reported that Ridgway Borough has approved a proposal for recycling containers to be set up on an annexed lot behind Cenni’s Beer Distributor.
“If you’re not familiar with the site there’s a road behind Cenni’s that leads up to the back of the annex,” said Buck. “There’s a gate that crosses that road that the borough closes after normal business hours… Where the containers are being proposed to go is literally five feet on the other side of that gate, and it’s a gate for vehicles not pedestrians. Really the Rails to Trails is right there, anyone could walk in at any time and put their stuff in the containers. So I don’t really think it will be that big of an obstacle.”
Buck said that the borough still needs to clear some piping and other items from the area and the Authority agreed to hold off on actually setting up the containers until after the borough's spring cleanup event. They agreed to put in the containers sometime either the weekend of May 13 or May 20 and the Authority just needs to confirm with Advanced Disposal that they will be able to deliver the containers on one of those days.
“I’d like to thank Borough Manager Paul McCurdy for everything he did,” said Buck. “And to Borough President Sam MacDonald because he really made this happen. It’s a good thing for the borough residents.”