Art teacher to debut carving craft at Rendezvous

Photo submitted - Art teacher Kristy Dubinsky of Irwin is excited to attend her first Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous this year. She plans to showcase a variety of handmade carved signs and several small animals.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

RIDGWAY – Chainsaw carving is yet another medium artist Kristy Dubinsky of Irwin has added to her repertoire of work.
Already experienced in drawing, painting, ceramics and more, Dubinsky chose to try her hand at chainsaw carving two years ago. This year marks her first appearance at the Ridgway Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous, kicking off today.
The 38-year-old art teacher at Elizabeth Forward High School divides her time between teaching, completing commission works in drawings, oil paintings, and carvings as well as participating in art shows, competitions and exhibitions.
"The saw is just another drawing tool to me, but with much more power. It is such a contrast from my photo realistic drawings and paintings where people look for proportions being right or wrong," Dubinsky explained.
While carving, Dubinsky said she feels less likely to be judged by the skill or technique and mark-making, even though art is about the freedom to be expressive with mark-making.
"I feel as though with wood carvings people are more interested in the form and the natural look of the wood and how someone could actually create something from a tree," she said. "There is something about art being made from a tree that people love."
Dubinsky enjoys carving relief signs which she draws into the wood with the saw. Unique trees, scenery and benches are also her top carving subjects.


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