Area students earn variety of scholarships

Photo by Amy Cherry – Local high school seniors from throughout Elk County received just over $183,000 in scholarships from the Elk County Community Foundation.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

The Elk County Community Foundation (ECCF) awarded a total of $183,909 in scholarships to local high school seniors within Elk County.
Seven additional scholarships were awarded to students already enrolled at a post-secondary institution.
Twelve new scholarship funds were established and awarded in 2018.
Students receiving the Helene Bowley Memorial Scholarship were: Collin Bankovic, Cassidy Burke, Taylor Freeburg, Morgan Holtzhauser, Tyler Huff and Maggie Wehler, all from SMAHS and each receiving $850; Ross Martin, Jenna Minard, Bethany Feldbauer, Margaret Dinsmore and Morgan Dinsmore, all from ECC and each receiving $1,020; Joel Tutton, Christopher Wickett, Haley Barnes, Devin Gilmore, Rebekka Visniesky, Cassie Cook, Nichole Moore, Emily Fullem, McKenzie Coder and William Urmann, all from Ridgway, each of whom received $510; Brianna Quiggle, Benjamin Freeburg, Max Miller and Tyler Singer, all from Johnsonburg, each of whom received $1,275.
Students receiving a $500 SGL Carbon LLC Scholarship were Matt Dippold and Makenzie Cashmer from ECCHS, and Autumn Majchrzak and Matthew Krull from SMAHS.
Those receiving a $500 St. Marys Lions Club Scholarship were Logan Hoffman of ECC and Rebecca Meyer of SMAHS.
A $1,000 Straub Brewery, Inc. Scholarship was awarded to Juliana Silveri and Jenna Minard from ECC, and Rebekka Bauer and Mitchell Newara from SMAHS.
The St. Marys Rotary Scholarship for $2,000 over four years was awarded to Taylor Freeburg of SMA and Kendra Smithbauer of ECC.
The Howard M. Keebler Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Stacy Dietz of SMAHS and Matt Dippold of ECCHS for $500 each.
The Gloria Jean McAllister Kneidel and Patrick Charles Jessup Scholarship for $500 was awarded to Logan Hoffman and Emily Miller from ECCHS and to Amanda Foster and Mario Chiappelli from SMAHS along with Cassidy Burke who receive a $200 scholarship.
A $1,082 Ella McElhany and Maude B. Schimmelfeng Scholarship was awarded to Isabeau Stager and Ross Martin from ECCHS, and William Urmann, Rachael Schiafone and Devin Gilmore from Ridgway.
Joseph Elinski from JAHS and Steven Tyger from KAHS received the Paul Robert and Fredia Roberta Calkins Rolfe Scholarship for $4,000.
Collin Bankovic and Jacob Mosier from SMA received $850 each from the Nicholas Sinibaldi Music Scholarship.
The Lynn Nicklas Music Scholarship for $2,000 was awarded to Emily Miller and Juliana Silveri from ECCHS and Jacob Mosier and Anneliese Wolfanger from SMAHS.
Individual scholarships were presented to numerous students.

See the print edition of this story in the Daily Press for the full list of awardees.