Admin comp plan approved by school board

Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

Administrator salaries, salary amounts, schedules/scales, and fringe benefits were approved as part of the St. Marys Area School District administrator compensation plan through the 2023-24 school year.
The plan is effective July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2024.
Among the administrator positions are 12-month employees and a 10-month school psychologist position.
Level one administrators include all principals and director of student services. They will receive $75,000 for 10 years minimum service and $80,000 for 15 years minimum service. Their maximum salary is $110,000.
Assistant principals are level two administrators whose salary is the same as the highest paid teacher’s salary in the 2016-2021 St. Marys Area Education Association contract. Their maximum salary is $102,500.
Level three administrators include school psychologist and special education liaison. They have the same requirements as level two administrators, however their maximum salary is $97,300.
Level four administrators include director of athletics and activities, director of support services, and senior information technology coordinator whose minimum salary is $45,000 with a maximum salary of $71,700.
Salary maximums will increase annually by the Consumer Price Index, but will not exceed two percent annually.
Individual salary increases are determined by performance evaluation.
Also noted in the plan are non-salary benefits for administrators, including sick leave, vacation, insurance and other common benefits.