30 charged in five-county drug bust

Photo by Amy Cherry - Operation Snail Mail produced up to 64,000 doses of crystal methamphetamine distributed by 30 dealers throughout North Central Pennsylvania over an 18-month period.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

BROOKVILLE – A massive crystal methamphetamine drug ring with ties to Elk County has been dismantled due to efforts of various combined local and state law enforcement agencies.
Operation Snail Mail involved 30 drug dealers in connection with the shipment and sale of $1.6 million in crystal meth in Jefferson, Clarion, Clearfield, Elk and Forest counties over the past 18 months.
The drugs were shipped to Jefferson County and the surrounding area through U.S. mail from drug dealers in Arizona and California where it was then sold throughout five North Central Pennsylvania counties.
The 35 pounds of crystal meth, totaling just over 16,000 grams, was broken up into quarter and half gram doses and produced between 32,000 and 64,000 doses which were sold throughout the area.
Officials report most of the crystal meth shipments into North Central Pennsylvania were conducted by Larry Dean, 58, who maintained residences in Mayport, Pa. and Tucson, Arizona. Dale Hanlin, 66, of Cooksburg, was the recipient and seller of the drugs. Hanlin and other drug dealers had a group of loosely connected dealers standing by to sell the drugs once they reached North Central Pennsylvania
Twenty-two people are currently in custody with the remaining expected to be arrested soon. They are being charged with conspiracy, possession with intent to deliver drugs and corrupt organizations. These charges carry a possible sentence of 10-20 years imprisonment.