The Daily Press The Daily Press | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-05-05T23:23:37-04:00 holds Prom Promise Mock Crash2015-05-05T23:23:37-04:002015-05-05T23:23:37-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressSt. Marys, PANo author availableECCHS holds Prom Promise Mock CrashDaily questions political sign rules2015-05-05T23:21:58-04:002015-05-05T23:21:58-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressDuring St. Marys City Council's recent meeting, regulations and enforcement governing various aspects of political signs sparked a lively conversation.Councilman Greg Gebauer said two candidates' signs were out of compliance with the city code. The first sign, belonging to a county commissioner candidate, had placed a sign on the boulevard and removed it immediately after being notified by city officials that no political signs were allowed on the boulevard. The second sign is located along the highway at a local business and is out of compliance due to its size. The city's code enforcement officer notified the business late last week the size needed to be reduced or removed. Notification was also given to the candidate on Monday about the sign which was still in place as of Tuesday.Both candidates said they were unaware of the city's political sign regulations.When contacted, the second candidate said their sign will be replaced this week with a smaller version which is in compliance with the ordinance. "Every candidate who is running for election is responsible to know the laws of the municipality that they're going to be campaigning in and if they don't it's up to them to find out those laws," Gebauer said. St. Marys, PAAmy CherryCouncil questions political sign rulesDaily react to proposed 911 fees2015-05-05T23:17:49-04:002015-05-05T23:17:49-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThe measure, which still must pass the Senate, calls for an increase to $1.65 a month. Currently, the 25-year-old 911 Public Safety Emergency Telephone Act calls for $1 a month for cellphones, and $1.50 for landlines.“The numbers haven’t changed since the beginning and we’re losing a lot of landlines, and those were $1.50 and the cellphones $1, and our state association wants to see it at $2 because it’s been so long since this has been changed,” said Elk County Commissioner June Sorg. “The costs continue as we have to buy equipment for our facilities whenever it’s needed. It’s quite costly for the county.”St. Marys, PAJoseph Bell, Daily Press EditorOfficials react to proposed 911 feesDaily population begins to steady2015-05-05T23:16:28-04:002015-05-05T23:16:28-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Press“The population has drastically stabilized,” said Elk County Prison Warden Greg Gebauer. “I think that’s due to the fact that a lot of inmates are being transported to the state penitentiary.”As cases are being settled in county court, many are being sentenced to the state penitentiary due to crime severity and other factors.St. Marys, PAJoseph Bell, Daily Press EditorPrison population begins to steadyDaily recognize National Visiting Nurse Association Week2015-05-05T23:14:22-04:002015-05-05T23:14:22-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThe week, falling on the second week of May, is recognized this year from May 3-8.“In Elk County, we have a number of providers that care for patients who are homebound or need assistance in their home,” said Rebecca Nelson, President and CEO of Community Nurses, Inc.St. Marys, PAJoseph Bell, Daily Press EditorOfficials recognize National Visiting Nurse Association WeekDaily receives EIP report with stipulations2015-05-04T22:35:43-04:002015-05-04T22:35:43-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Press"We do not necessarily have to do everything in the report," said Councilman Ned Jacob.Jacob proposed the motion to acknowledge the report stating the caveat is the yet-to-be-named city manager must meet with council and a committee to review the report before passing anything in the report.The St. Marys Early Intervention Program (EIP) was an $80,000 study conducted to assist municipalities experiencing fiscal difficulties to develop comprehensive multi-year financial plans and establish short- and long-term financial objectives. The project was awarded to the Cincinnati, Ohio-based Novak Group in June.The report was finalized in March.One point of contention in the study is the recommendation to reduce Crystal Fire Department's nine-truck fleet. St. Marys, PAAmy CherryCouncil receives EIP report with stipulationsDaily’s Detail recognized for community efforts2015-05-04T22:32:38-04:002015-05-04T22:32:38-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressOn Friday evening, numerous Detail members and their spouses were the honored guests at the Chamber dinner held at The Highlands.The Community Non-Profit Award recognizes an organization which has given back to the community through service. Accepting the award was Bill Miller, a detail member.Chamber Outreach Coordinator Ashley O’Dell provided information on the Detail upon receiving its award. St. Marys, PAAmy CherryServicemen’s Detail recognized for community effortsDaily media campaign celebrates Catholic sisters influences2015-05-04T22:29:57-04:002015-05-04T22:29:57-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThis organized social media effort encourages people to share messages of gratitude to the Catholic nuns, past and present, who have made a difference in their lives.Social media users everywhere are invited to join the global movement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.St. Marys, PAAmy CherrySocial media campaign celebrates Catholic sisters influencesDaily strikes building after failed startup2015-05-03T23:41:00-04:002015-05-03T23:41:00-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressA pilot and his passenger escaped with only minor injuries.The incident occurred as pilot Preston Hoopes of Ulysses in Potter County was reportedly having difficulty starting his plane. He reported to Alan McPherson, airport manager, that he exited the plane to slightly move the propellor which he said suddenly started although the key in the ignition was turned to the off position as was the master switch.At the time, Hoopes was standing in front of the plane and ran after it and attempted to get inside of it.When this proved unsuccessful Hoopes dove out of the way of the plane as it veered right and traveled a few feet until striking the front corner of the building which houses airport offices on the bottom floor and the West Wind Restaurant on the second floor.Hoopes suffered minor injuries as he hit his head off the tail of the plane and has a gash on his forehead after his glasses cut into him. He also suffered a broken bone.The female passenger was reported to have been transported to Penn Highlands Elk with minor injuries.St. Marys, PAAmy CherryPlane strikes building after failed startupDaily recognized for success with Chamber awards2015-05-03T23:42:27-04:002015-05-03T23:38:20-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressAmong those honored were Penn Pallet receiving the Business Achievement award and The River 98.9 receiving the Blight to Flight award. St. Marys, PAAmy CherryBusinesses recognized for success with Chamber awardsDaily