The Daily Press The Daily Press | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-04-19T01:22:39-04:00 mom to marathoner; Quesenberry vows to return to Boston2014-04-19T01:22:39-04:002014-04-18T21:51:52-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily Press"I feel like it's about going out there and supporting Boston, the victims, other runners and doing it for that reason and not really for myself. If you stay away and don't go back then you're giving in and that's what the people who did it want," Quesenberry said. One year ago Quesenberry and her family experienced the terror of the bombings that killed three and injured nearly 260 spectators.St. Marys, PAAmy CherryFrom mom to marathoner; Quesenberry vows to return to BostonDaily receives Palumbo grant 2014-04-19T01:22:39-04:002014-04-18T21:43:52-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressSt. Marys, PANo author availableECCSS receives Palumbo grant Daily underway for fireworks venue2014-04-18T01:01:49-04:002014-04-17T23:16:08-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressAs part of a new initiative votes are being tallied online and through donations at various businesses to determine the location of the event at either the St. Marys Municipal Airport or The Highlands, formerly the St. Marys Country Club. "We don't feel it's a decision the Chamber should make because the fireworks belong to the people. They are funded by the people and area businesses therefore they are the ones who should decide," said Ashley O'Dell, Chamber outreach coordinator.Votes may be cast through an online survey at This link may also be found on the Chamber's Facebook page or their website at Marys, PAAmy CherryVoting underway for fireworks venueDaily work hours, overtime policy approved 2014-04-18T01:01:49-04:002014-04-17T23:14:43-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThe policy, which was introduced by Supervisor Dave Mattiuz at the board's March meeting, was approved in a 2-1 vote with Randy Gradizzi casting an opposing vote while Mike Keller and Mattiuz voted for the new policy.Recreational Facilities Director Debby Agosti said due to decreasing revenue from the landfill, which the township collects as part of its host fee, the park will be cutting back on costs on their three largest events, the July 3 fireworks display, the Last Day of School Celebration and Light Up Night.This was discussed during a recent Fox Township Recreational Board meeting. Agosti noted the Rec Board has always been prepared to adjust its budget due to decreasing landfill revenue. St. Marys, PAAmy CherryNew work hours, overtime policy approved Daily Twp. supports Highland's injection well ordinance2014-04-18T01:01:48-04:002014-04-17T23:13:37-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThe letter, which was provided by Elk County C.A.R.E.S. (Citizens Advocating Responsible Environmental Stewardship) reads:St. Marys, PAJim MeyerJay Twp. supports Highland's injection well ordinanceDaily project completion date pushed back to 20192014-04-17T01:42:45-04:002014-04-16T23:15:56-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressOn Wednesday morning representatives from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District reported the delay during an East Branch Dam Safety Project Stakeholders meeting.According to Mike Rattay, East Branch Dam project manager, the Corps is "not quite there" in the review process of cutoff wall proposals."This process has taken longer than anticipated," Rattay said. St. Marys, PAAmy CherryDam project completion date pushed back to 2019Daily Service subscription campaign underway2014-04-17T01:42:45-04:002014-04-16T23:14:40-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressSt. Marys, PABecky PolaskiAmbulance Service subscription campaign underwayDaily cut on Ridgway Armory building2014-04-17T01:42:46-04:002014-04-16T23:12:48-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressThe minimum bid is now $88,000; it was previously $110,000.The property was first put up for bid with a historical covenant requiring the preservation of the building's exterior; this requirement has since been wiped out.St. Marys, PAJoseph Bell, Daily Press EditorPrice cut on Ridgway Armory buildingDaily updated for county repository2014-04-16T01:14:18-04:002014-04-15T22:29:06-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressSt. Marys, PAJoseph Bell, Daily Press EditorPolicies updated for county repositoryDaily changes questioned by board members2014-04-16T01:14:18-04:002014-04-15T22:26:22-04:00Copyright 2010 Daily PressOn Monday the board approved the transfer of Christine Kuhar, current principal at Bennetts Valley and Fox Township elementary schools, as the principal of South St. Marys Street Elementary which is being vacated by Robert Grumley who is set to retire at the end of the 2014 school year. The board then approved the transfer of Noel Petrosky, an SMASD certified elementary counselor, as principal at Bennetts Valley and Fox Township elementary schools.Board member Robert Sorg said he believed applicants were being interviewed specifically for the SSMSE job considering Grumley is retiring. St. Marys, PAAmy CherryPersonnel changes questioned by board membersDaily